Pops is a desktop software solution for individuals as well as industry professionals desiring to streamline the document and revenue management of their oil, gas and mineral royalty investments. This software can be configured to run in single user or multiple/concurrent users mode. Pops Royalty Manager is also a cross platform application able to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Pops is divided into six main program modules: Companies, Leases, Statements of Interest, Titles, Land Tracts, and Wells. These modules mirror the six primary royalty business areas requiring either routine document management and/or tracking. Pops Royalty Manager software is developed around a relational database model that maintains the interrelationships between these business areas, thereby speeding data access and streamlining your daily workflow. The Pops Royalty Manager manages all the details about your business, what can be called your data. In this document we often refer to the storage of your data as the “database”.

Workflow & Organizing

To get the most out of Pops Royalty Manager, we recommend you gather together the documents; the titles, deeds, leases, statements of interest, and royalty receipts. If you have not already done so, make a place to organize and store the documents. At the beginning, give yourself plenty of time to enter that information into the database by manually typing information into the appropriate fields. The program can quickly locate active leases and division orders, however that information must first be entered into the system by hand. It will take some time but once entered, Pops Royalty Manager will increase workflow productivity and decrease clutter like no other program can.

If you have your information written up in spreadsheets, we can assist you in importing that information into the Pops database. Just give us a call for more information.