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Pops Royalty Manager is here to help you effectively navigate the unique world of oil, gas, and mineral ownership. We offer live one-on-one training sessions, hosted over the web with our Pops Subject Matter Expert, Tiffany Phillips, PLM. Read about Tiffany in her bio below.

Our Pops training sessions are private and personalized. During the private session we can view your screen and move your mouse, just like we’re in the room with you. Training sessions are by appointment only and cover areas and topics of your choosing. Gain the skills and confidence to manage your investments more effectively!

Enter in your software license provided to you at startup to redeem your complimentary one hour session.

Additional training sessions are priced at $125/hr and are offered by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 10am to 2pm Pacific time/ 12pm-4pm Central Time. Select the number of sessions you would like to book and then select add to cart.

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Frequent Topics covered in sessions:

Getting Started with Pops
How to enter in a Deed; Lease; Division Order; Well; Check Receipt
How to create relationships amongst wells, leases, and deeds.

Introduction to Oil and Gas Business
How to read and understand land descriptions such as The U.S.
Rectangular System, Metes & Bounds Descriptions, Subdivision Plat (Block) and Lot, Texas Abstract and Survey, and Texas Rectangular survey.
Understanding Fee Simple, Mineral interest, Royalty Interest, Over-riding Royalty Interest, and Working Ownership.
Calculating Acreage and interest.
Understanding the difference between Gross and Net Acres and how to calculate your net acreage
Lease basics
Understanding your Division Order

About Tiffany Phillips, PLM

Tiffany Phillips, Professional Land Manager and Great Granddaughter of “Pops” for whom the software is named, first learned about mineral management when she was a teen, working with her grandparents to manage the family’s expansive property investments. She cut her chops working as the mail clerk and moved her way up the ranks to become a valuable asset in the family business.

Tiffany has used the Pops program since its inception and spent years collaborating with the creator of the program, Mark Phillips, to understand it from the inside out and help make the product what it is today. With over 20 years of real world experience in Mineral Management, you could say it’s in her blood.

Tiffany takes Mineral Management seriously and is committed to excellence. In addition to earning her certification as a Professional Land Manager, she is also an active member of the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO). A firm believer in continuing education, Tiffany is also studying to earn her certification as a Mineral Manager as well as completing a Division Order certification program. She also continues her Land Management education through the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL)

As a professional mineral manager, early adopter of Pops, and all around nice person with a background that includes customer service, Tiffany is highly qualified to guide Pops clients through the intricate details of mineral management and leave them with a better understanding of the program.

“User friendly and great customer support. If there is ever a question it is handled immediately. Pops is like a family business. Everyone I have ever dealt with is friendly and helpful. I feel like a friend not just a customer.”   – Pat E. from WA


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